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Custom Antibody Production

Inflammix offers full-service custom monoclonal and polyclonal antibody development, from immunogen design through scale-up, purification, and characterization. Our complete portfolio antibody services also include custom antibody labelling, conjugations, and assay development. 
Let our expert team work with you to ensure your antibody needs are fully met by contacting us today to discuss your project requirements.

Monoclonal Antibody Generation

  • New monoclonal antibody generation in house

  • Expansion of commercially available hybridomas

  • Large scale production and antibody purification

Polyclonal Antibody Generation

  • New rabbit polyclonal generation

  • Antibody purification and characterization

Antigen Production

  • Bacterial and mammalian protein expression

  • Protein purification

  • Peptide antigen production

Antibody Characterization

  • Antibody epitope mapping

  • Optimized antibody pairing for ELISA development

Antibody Purification

  • Protein A/G purification

  • Antigen-specific affinity purification

  • Antibody precipitation

  • Custom purification also available

Antibody Labeling

  • Antibody biotinylation

  • Fluorescent label conjugation

  • Immunosorbent generation

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