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Drug Discovery Screening Services

Inflammix can set up an efficient drug screening funnel that can take you from initial target identification and validation, along with assay development, all the way to hit identification and lead optimization. We can help you in this process by all or some of the following steps.

  1. A robust and inexpensive in vitro and cellular assay for the reliable determination of IC50 values for hundreds of compounds.
  2. A very short-term (1-4 hours) in vivo assay that provides an initial assessment of target inhibition and oral bioavailability at multiple dosing concentrations for dozens of compounds.

  3. An intermediate-length (<1 week) in vivo model for the rapid comparison of multiple candidate compounds.

  4. A well-established and accepted chronic efficacy model of inflammation or autoimmunity (>>1 week) for the final assessment of several of your clinical candidate compound.

Contact us today for your free consultation to let us help you in the final selection of your candidate molecule for clinical development.

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